Learn How Much Time You Save With Lightweight Wheels And Semi Slicks

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How could you make a usual used car much faster with simple mods? Carthrottle is ...

How could you make a usual used car much faster with simple mods? Carthrottle is about to uncover the secret and answer the question and this video is the first one in pursuit of speed. Guys from CarThrottle use cool used Lexus IS200 and in this video, you’ll see how much faster this car is with only the lightweight wheels and slick tires installed.

Alex did drive the car quite hard on the track and set a cool time on the stock tires – if we can call them stock as we have never heard of the brand of the tires. Nevertheless, after getting rid of 17-inch wheels and installing 16-inch wheels with slicks, the car did have a bit more grip.

Alex actually noticed more grip even the first time he launched the car with the new tires. However, only when they get to “work” temperature, new semi slick tires started to grip really hard. And the thing is simple – after a few cool laps, Alex successfully slashed almost a second of the time.

That is a lot for only a couple of hundred pounds.

And the Lexus IS200 has an old two-liter six-cylinder with a bit more than 150hp. It is not the fastest car ever, but it will put a smile on your face if you know how to drive. Watch it and learn something cool.

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