LEGO Car Crash Tested In Slow Mo Is Awesome

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So, testing normal cars by NHTSA, EuroNCAP and such is so old school. Now, we want ...

So, testing normal cars by NHTSA, EuroNCAP and such is so old school. Now, we want something new and we did get just that from a bunch of crazy Germans who took the Lego Porsche 911 and smashed it into an improvised crash barrier testing the resilience of the whole thing.

It seems that the video is made to demonstrate how powerful LEGO toys are and while it seems that the Porsche 911 was totally destroyed, we are quite certain that many of the parts which flew off remained intact and ready to get back on the car.

The folks at c’t, a German computer magazine, visited the crash testing lab of German auto club ADAC to drive their Porsche into a wall at almost 30 mph. And they filmed it so well you will watch the LEGO car crash test a few times.

1000 frames per second will get you a whole lot of details and one can definitely see all the things that went bad.
In some strange way, this crash test looks awesome on video. We want more now.

The remarkable Porsche 911 LEGO set is composed of 3000 pieces, so getting it ready for a crash was more than time-consuming.

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That was nuts. Wait until you see the next video below.