Let Us Hold A Minute’s Silence For This ‘Ring-Wrecked E39 BMW M5

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Drifting on the wet Nurburgring sounds like a dream, but this involves plenty of ...

Drifting on the wet Nurburgring sounds like a dream, but this involves plenty of grip play and we are here to show you what happens when it all turns into the nightmare. Alas, the worst part of this bad dream is the fact that the E39 BMW M5 got its face smashed in the sliding process.

It is all shown in the video below, which starts with the E39 BMW M5 going from oversteer to understeer as it exits the corner – pay close attention to the front wheels, as well as to the vehicle’s trajectory and you will notice how this BM M5 switches from one grip loss state to the other as this driver tries to keep things under sideways control.

The guy finally loses the M5 to oversteer, with the Bimmer plowing nose-first into a protection element on the side of a track. And while we applaud the guy for not stopping in an unsafe area, we are curious how he recovered his plate.

Regardless, the extreme grip play seen here is the kind that should’ve tipped the man off on what was about to happen.

Usually, drifting requires on to work against a conservation instinct and counterintuitively smash the throttle, and there are times when cutting your losses by ending a sliding early can be the best solution – and this seems like one of those times.

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