Lexus Advances Autonomous Driving Technology With Lane Valet

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Hogging the passing lane, or even the middle lane of the highway, for that matter, ...

Hogging the passing lane, or even the middle lane of the highway, for that matter, is both dangerous and annoying. It is against a law in many countries, and that does not stop some drivers.

Lexus has presented the potential solution, which it calls Lane Valet. It is described as optional equipment for all of its models, and including the LC and LS, it works through Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication. The Japanese premium brand was kind enough to publish the video on its YouTube account to showcase how it works.

The idea is to drive on a highway, with or without cruise control, then press the dedicated button whenever the driver is hogging the passing lane or the middle lane.

Once the command is supplied, this system will automatically communicate with the other automobile, and which will be instructed to move out of the way.

Before this invention, people used to flash their headlights, or keep their turn signals on to show the driver in front that they want to pass her or him.

These behaviors are unsafe, because this driver hogging the lane is jeopardizing the other road users, while the one who wants to pass usually gets too close and risks the high-speed crash.

The said collision is likely because a driver does not respect the two-second rule, because the operator of the vehicle in front might get scared or angry and hit the brakes. And the latter action is called brake check, and it is also illegal in many states, and it could lead to severe crashes.

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