What It’s Like To Snowboard Behind An Airplane At Take-Off Speed

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Just driving at 50 km/h has a potential to kill you, so being towed behind the ...

Just driving at 50 km/h has a potential to kill you, so being towed behind the boat deserved to be called extreme sport. However, for some people that is not enough. Take Jamie Barrow, who decided he would try and snowboard behind the airplane.

We have seen people using supercars to tow themselves through water, everything from jet skis to 4×4 used on land. And this takes things to the next level.

The scene is just as epic as this stunt, Engadin Valley in Switzerland, the skiing resort few can afford. Next up, we have the awesome airplane, the Pilatus PC-12.

Its single Pratt And Whitney PT6A-67 turboprop engine generates 1,200 hp, so it’s like being pulled by two Huracans.

In this clip, you can see the plane hitting 125 km/h (77 mph), which is its takeoff speed. Any further than that and Jamie Barrow could have been the fastest man airborne behind the aircraft.

Some preparations needed to be made prior to this event. Well, a very long snow-covered strip had to be created near the side of a runway. However, this airport was still operational for the regular traffic during the entire stunt.

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