Lines And Curves Of This ’66 Chevelle SS Are Pure Pleasure To The Eyes

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I don’t know about General Motors (GM) but the lines and curves of early ...

I don’t know about General Motors (GM) but the lines and curves of early Chevelle SS are so good I can only imagine how easy they would sell had it been still produced till now. And here’s a 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS with stance and looks sure to bring nothing but pure pleasure to the eyes.

What’s so sophisticated about this build is the striking simplicity bringing out every fine detail. Beautiful color choice where you can really see the lines and the curves that catapulted classic Chevelles to what they are known to be. Great stance and the stinger hood is a cool addition as well. Nothing over-the-top and everything is just neat and clean. Well, why would you chop and modify something that’s gorgeous from the factory?

The interior of this Chevelle is an eye-catcher with everything in red. You’d see nothing really custom and the stock feel in it is well preserved.

Under the hood is a Big Block Chevy that’s a 454 stroked to a 496. It’s got scat rotating assembly, serpentine drive setup, 400 turbo trans and all tubular suspension in it.

Check it out too through the video below.

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