Listening To A Ferrari F40 On Track Will Make You Smile No Matter What

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Ah, the Ferrari F40: the greatest Ferrari ever produced and one of the finest ...

Ah, the Ferrari F40: the greatest Ferrari ever produced and one of the finest supercars conceived. To this day, it remains the automotive icon and the video below gives us a hint of why it is regarded so highly.

This yellow F40 is special not just due to its color, and as all examples rolled out of the factory solely in red, also because the owner has fiddled with it to make it the ultimate track toy. Modifications include the installation of the brand new rear wing, a custom carbon fiber diffuser and the very special sounding exhaust system.

Even in stock form, the F40’s twin-turbocharged V8 engine is one of a finest sounding turbocharged engines ever created for the road car and with an aftermarket exhaust, it sounds not only better than the Beethoven’s finest but puts a twin-turbo 488 GTB to shame. While the F40 is certainly one of the most expensive track toys we can think of, and it also has a formula of the ideal race car down to a tee.

Despite the first examples being almost 30 years old, and its engine still spits out 471 horsepower, making the 1,369 kg car faster than its rivals at the time.

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