LMAO You Need A Special License To Drive Manual In Australia! What A Fuck!ng Joke

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In Australia, the laws for driving vehicles like this modified Skyline are ...

In Australia, the laws for driving vehicles like this modified Skyline are brutally strict and straightforward. As the matter of fact, any modified vehicle is regulated in one way or another, and getting in the car like this and just driving around doesn’t seem like the smartest idea, and especially if you don’t have the license for it!

The police trail this guy for the while, then realize that his clutch has malfunctioned, so they pull him over. Not only is he in violation of three laws, and he tries to lie through his teeth about the actual state of the vehicle!

First, this police officer asks him why is he driving the manual car when he only has the license for automatics and why this modified Skyline doesn’t have the P plate on the back.

Of course, this guy has convenient stories for all of this! Then the cop asks is this car turbocharged, and the guy says no, another huge lie.

He says a hood is jammed and won’t open, and when the cop reaches in, of course it works! This guy gets away with three infringements, and the cops are still nice enough to give him the hand and push the car which is immobile because of the broken clutch.

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