Zagato Aston Vanquish Sound! One Of The Best Sounding Cars Ever?

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You might think that this vehicle is old news, but it’s not. Last year, we ...

You might think that this vehicle is old news, but it’s not. Last year, we only saw the concept of the Zagato Vanquish, after which this company approved the production of 99 coupes.

The guy who filmed the video below says it’s the best looking and the best sounding vehicle in the world. He might be right, and especially in this very dark metallic brown color with black accents. Do you care about lap times and the drag races when you have something this gorgeous? We wouldn’t.

The video below only fed my appetite for the custom Vanquish. All the Aston Martins customized by Zagato became internet sensations. Well, but the two firms have been collaborating for decades.

To be more precise, the initial fruit of labor is the 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, and valuable in the extreme.

It’s not the readily available piece of information, but estimates put the vehicle at about GBP 500,000 in Britain without taxes or €800,000 with taxes.

That immaculate V12 sound is produced by the 5.9-liter engine derived from the old Ford 3-liter V6. Not only have Aston tuned it to 600 hp, but they went to great lengths to ensure it sounds perfect.

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