The Loudest Ferrari 458 Italia/Speciale You’ll Probably Ever Hear!

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What you’ll see (more of hear actually) in the video are some of the loudest ...

What you’ll see (more of hear actually) in the video are some of the loudest Ferrari 458 Italia/Speciale in the world! To some people, the sounds are glorious while to others they’re downright annoying. Well… each to their own, I guess.

The most commonly asked question is why some people install freakin’ loud exhaust on their cars. It’s kind of a guy thing really, with some claiming an increase in horsepower and better mileage. Others think it’s all show, the loud exhaust being a cheap bolt-on mod with no real gain. Perhaps some simply want to annoy their neighbors or get noticed from a mile away, maybe asking for a ticket!

There are also auto enthusiasts who get pleasure from “upgrading” their cars for performance or looks. It’s a community of people with a common interest and enjoy working on their rides, sharing their passion and they don’t care if the rest of the world don’t understand their addiction.

Anyway, we’re talking about Ferraris here so the owners likely have tons of money and can afford pretty much whatever they want to install in their rides. For those interested in the exhaust systems, the “MEIR3” Ferrari 458 Speciale has an Fi exhaust; the “WESPD458” Ferrari 458 Italia has a Prior Design exhaust; and both the “SH45” and “KHGO45” Black Ferrari 458 Italia have Novitec Rosso.

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!