Who Was Louis Chiron and Why is His Name on a Supercar?

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Why is the newest Bugatti supercar called Chiron? Who the hell is Louis Chiron and ...

Why is the newest Bugatti supercar called Chiron? Who the hell is Louis Chiron and why is his name on a Bugatti? Carperfection explains succinctly in this video.

For a start, Louis Alexandre Chiron (August 3, 1899 to June 22, 1979) was a legendary pre-war Monégasque racing driver who dominated rallies, sports car races, and Grands Prix. Born and raised in Monaco at the turn of the twentieth century, Louis became an army driver during World War I and a chauffeur shortly after, but clearly he had a passion for driving at higher speeds.

However, he took a rather peculiar career path into top-level racing. Chiron served as a professional dance partner at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, twirling well-heeled women across the dance floor before purchasing his first Bugatti at the age of 26. Rumors have it that the car was financed by one of his wealthy dancing partners.

Soon he traded up to a sleek Type 35 Grand Prix car, won multiple races and became a member of the Bugatti factory team, rising quickly to become its top driver. Chiron was famous for his precise driving style, competing with the likes of Varzi and Nuvolari in Bugatti’s exquisite French Blue cars.

Watch the video and get to know more about the potted history of Louis Chiron…the man, the racer, the legend and hmm, the dancer. Enjoy!

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