LS In Airplane Is Real Deal And It Works

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Ever since it was introduced the GM LS motor become an instant hit.

It is ...

Ever since it was introduced the GM LS motor become an instant hit.

It is possibly the best base V8 engine one can think of, so it is not surprising to see it in all sorts of cars – from old muscle cars to fantastic imports and amazing custom build machines. While the engine is suited for all sorts of stuff, we really did not expect to see in in the air.

This is the LS swapped airplane we are showing you here. Vans RV-10 is definitely perfect for this kind of transformations. The home-built kit plane can receive many kinds of different engine modifications and the introduction of the LS engine to it is definitely awesome.

With Firewall Forward Package built by Bud Warren, the engine runs great and it is definitely able to move the plane at great speed. The original LS engine was good for 345hp and it debuted in the Corvette. Since GM introduced a number of different LS setups some of which developed more than 600 hp.

For that matter, we think the RV-10 received the original V8 with 345hp. As the pilots expect, the RV-10 should see 7-15 GPH fuel burn rate. Not too shabby.

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