Chevelle Did A 300 ft Wheelie That Everobody Is Talking About

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Having a cat that can do a 300 ft wheelstand is not an easy task. Many special and ...

Having a cat that can do a 300 ft wheelstand is not an easy task. Many special and custom modifications had to be done for a car to be so ferociously amazing in order to wheelstand for so long.

This is the Chevelle that can do just that and obviously, it received the killer LS swap for that purpose.

The driver did a massive wheelstand as easily as one could imagine. However, the wheelstand could have been even longer if the right procedures were followed. Nevertheless, this particular Turbo LS swapped Chevelle is a drag car made to shatter drag strips all over the country.

What we would do here, in order to achieve even better grip and much safer passes is integrated the Wheelie bar. True, we would not be able to see such impressive wheelies anymore.

This is footage from the X275 class at the 2016 Fall ‘Throwdown in T-Town’ event at Tulsa Raceway Park. Not only does this car has massive power and the tires to transfer it to the ground, but please watch how mean does it look with those neat blue Angel eyes. This is a proper Muscle car to do it all.

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