Luging Through Quebec Streets At 100+ MPH Seems Extremely Exhilarating

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Flying down the road at speeds that would make the entry-level Dacia Sandero ...

Flying down the road at speeds that would make the entry-level Dacia Sandero jealous can look both fun as well as extremely intimidating. Naturally, those speeds would be OK for any sort of motorized vehicle, but when you are laying down on a street luge, which some consider a glorified skateboard, then it’s the whole different thing altogether. This Go-Pro footage comes courtesy of Roger Hickey, the 58-year old former world champion that came out of retirement just so he could participate in the Top Speed World Championship in Quebec. Hickey, a man who previously won over 280 Street Luge races in 30 countries, and managed to hit 161.383 km/h (100.278 mph) on his last run of the day, earning plenty of applause from those waiting on him at the finish line. As you can see in the video below, it takes a while for him to get up to 100 mph, but once he does, the first-person perspective really helps us get the sense for what it must have been like to lay down on that luge at those speeds. Also, watching smoke come out of his sneakers as he’s trying to slow down is the pretty cool sight, and wouldn’t you say?

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