This Is A Magnificent Vlogger Day With Lambo, McLaren And Corvette

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Vehicle Virgins guy is again at it – drag racing with his cool Lambo ...

Vehicle Virgins guy is again at it – drag racing with his cool Lambo Huracan. And this time he did it against a magnificently modified Corvette Z06. In this case, the 700hp powerful Corvette certainly has more power than the stock unit. That is why it can do all this stuff with the Huracan.

In this video we have three vloggers hitting the road and trying to do fast runs on the highway against each other. So, welcome stock the Lamborghini Huracan with a V10 developing 610hp. On the other hand, we have the V8 McLaren MP4-12C with 616hp and the Fabulous Corvette Z06 giving out apparently 700hp.

The guys didn’t race that much, but they did have fun enjoying their cars, talking about them and filming the Youtube video. Yes, the life of a YouTuber can be as cool as this, believe it or not.

As it seems, the biggest problem they had this day was with the police. True, they didn’t catch them at all, but they had to watch for the cops the whole time. You never know from where might they appear.

Obviously, owning supercars is not all sunshine and rainbows. These guys have to work full time and then some only to pay them up.

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