Mailman Doing Donuts With An LLV Is What We Call Satisfaction

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This mailman obviously had a really, really boring day. That’s why he took things ...

This mailman obviously had a really, really boring day. That’s why he took things to another level and get drifting with his mail van. It happened somewhere in the US. Grumman Long Life Vehicle obviously has many qualities we have never thought about.

Produced 30 years ago, the GM child obviously lives up to its LLV status (Long Life Vehicle status) thanks to awesome engineering and rather oversized parts on it. The LLV uses a GM-sourced 2.5-liter engine.

It transfers power to wheels via a three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic transmission and it weighs in at 2,700 lbs.

Sure, it is not a performer, but in the right conditions and with the right man behind the wheel it can do some cool stunts. LLVs have been somewhat popular in the tuning community. Some even reached the drag strips with heavily modified transmissions, engines, and axles.

But, it is much more interesting to see this 1983-05 S10 Blazer 2WD based machine in action on the roads. The mailman will certainly face some consequences for this action, but it goes to show that he likes to have some proper car fun in his life. Enjoy him doing donuts with his fantastic LLV.

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