What Makes Dodge Viper ACR Such A MONSTER Around The Track?

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Just by looking at this thing, you can already tell that it is stupid fast. When ...

Just by looking at this thing, you can already tell that it is stupid fast. When it comes to lap times, though, American cars used to have a tough time against their Italian and German relatives, but now, the situation has changed dramatically. One of the main reasons for this was the inability to drive fast around the corners. Although power is one of the main selling points for any supercar, it is in fact suspension and handling that make or break it around the track. Fortunately for Dodge, it seems like their engineers finally understood this, and the results are more than impressive.

The new Dodge Viper ACR already smashed a lot of records around the track, and that surprised a lot of people. However, if you look at the specs on paper, that was to be expected. We find a massive v10 engine under the hood, delivering 645 horsepower to the wheels, along with 600-pound feet of torque. Now if that didn’t impress you, check out some of the other facts. This beast is also equipped with launch control and electronic stability control system that has 5 modes. Making sure that this ride also stops on a dime are Brembo brakes, which are some of the most powerful brakes to ever be fitted on a production car. All in all, it is a true show stopper. But enough with the talking, click on the video instead and see it in action.

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