“The Making Of Gymkhana 9” Revealed In This Fantastic Video

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Ken Block always succeeds to amaze us with the Gymkhana videos. The ninth ...

Ken Block always succeeds to amaze us with the Gymkhana videos. The ninth definitely was one of the best he ever devised with the Hoonigans team. Now we have a chance to see “behind the scenes” videos and the making of the Gymkhana 9 thanks to the team behind the Forza Horizon 3 game. This thing actually surfaced on the XBox Youtube channel (they are Ken Block official partners), so having the best game demonstrating the best driving stunts of today is quite satisfying.

The video focuses on telling us the story about one exceptionally hard stunt Ken Block had to do with his car. As a matter of a fact, he had to beat the train to a crossing and cross the train track only meters before the train actually was passing the crossing. Yes, he did it. If he did not you’d be reading about this all over the news. However, to make this kind of a stunt, Block had a number of different factors calculated. He just went for it. It was epic.

Also, many of the sequences Ken Block did in real life were actually partially conceived for the Forza Horizon 3 game. So seeing some of the insane jumps from the game in real life is one of many things Gymkhana does great.

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