Man Turns C6 Corvette Into A Full Scale Remote Controlled Car!

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With the auto industry rushing towards autonomous driving, well, some people have ...

With the auto industry rushing towards autonomous driving, well, some people have decided to take matters into their own hands. In the case of one Dutch DIY man, and that means building the remote-controlled Corvette.

Why would somebody take the real C6 ‘Vette, not a scale model or the toy, down the R/C route? We are not really sure of the answer, and we can confirm this man has done it.

The proof lies in the video below, which show the Chevy in action. We can see the man… driving shotgun in his creation, which gives us the good opportunity to check out the controller.

Returning to the R/C Corvette itself, the important part of the magic comes from the glovebox, where a control unit has been placed. This holds the receiver, and as well as controllers for the motors that handle the vehicle’s controls.

While he explains the fail-safe procedures have been doubled, stating the vehicle slams on the brakes if it goes out of range, for instance, playing in such the manner on the street simply isn’t acceptable.

Sure, there are harmless full-size R/C contraptions out there, but that can’t act like too much of the weapon if it gets out of control, at least not the effective one.

Let’s just hope this guy’s otherwise remarkable building skills don’t get people in trouble, himself included.

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