The Maniac Is At It Again: Colin Furze Is Building A Crotch-Rocket Powered Bumper Car!

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As it turns out, The Stig is the bit tired of driving one supercar after another. ...

As it turns out, The Stig is the bit tired of driving one supercar after another. Well, what has Top Gear’s tame racing drive done – is it on the hypercar-only diet?

Not really. Instead, it seems that Stiggie will be found inside the contraption that can be described as the… sleeper bumper car.

The contraption, which might still be in the works as you are reading this, comes from Colin Furze. You know, the British DIY hero whose adventures we have been following for the few years now.

From the world’s fastest mobility scooter to the hover bike that can actually lift a man off the ground, this man can put together just about any sort of machine.

The practical man, who claims he has acquired all his skills mixing Internet videos with the tons of experimentation, has turned into a bit of the YouTube personality, so his collaboration with Top Gear shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As for the car that will fill in the velocity void found inside The Stig, this started out in life as the 1960s bumper car. Nevertheless, the body of the thing is probably the only thing that stays in place.

And the rest of the ingredients thrown into this potentially terrifying melange involve the custom chassis, a go-kart rear axle and the Honda motorcycle engine delivering around 100 ponies.

Did we mention the overly tight packaging dictated by a body has determined Colin to turn to what is basically the three-wheeler setup?

However, judging by how The Stig is packaged (watch this clip and you will understand), it can probably handle a rough ride.

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