Maserati Racing Car Turned Roadcar Is Most Amazing Thing

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Eco Competition, a German company tuning exclusively top-end supercars, revealed ...

Eco Competition, a German company tuning exclusively top-end supercars, revealed their latest project. As official partners of Maserati, Edo Competition crafted a rather special MC12 VC. The car started its life as a Version Corsa edition, but then Maserati signed Edo Competition to transform the car into a road-legal car.

Maserati produced only twelve VC models more than a decade ago and with the prices of the MC12 Stradale soaring up it was a logical thing to transform the race car into a road car.

This way, Maserati and Edo Competition crafted something unique.

Edo Competition had to upgrade the ventilation system, change the door locks, integrate proper windshields, add new lighting clusters, softer suspension, road spec brakes, new tires and even a lift system.

After all, if it going to hit the streets, speed bumps would not do any good to that front splitter or long overhang.

Luckily, the thing kept the original race-spec engine. 6.0-liter V12 from the Enzo dialed up to 744hp is still inside. With F1 paddle-shift transmission this particular edo-MC12 VC gets to 62 mph in three seconds flat.

Interestingly enough, Edo Competition increased the weight by only 231 lbs. This car is more than 300 lbs lighter than the original MC12 Stradale.

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