Matt Farah & Dieter Heinz Take A 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing For A Ride!

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Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire headed to San Diego and hooked up with Dieter Heinz ...

Matt Farah from TheSmokingTire headed to San Diego and hooked up with Dieter Heinz from HG Motorsport to take a 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing for a spin.

Powered by a 220 hp 3.0 liter slant six engine bolted to a 4-speed gearbox, the ’55 Mercedes 300SL is considered by many as the first ever supercar. When it was new back in 1955, the car can accelerate to 150 miles per hour, which is a lot faster than any other production car of its time. It is based on the W194 endurance racer and is quite literally a road going iteration of the Mercedes LeMans race cars.

It is also one of the pioneers of repurposing race cars for public use. Moreover, it was one of the first cars to feature the flamboyant gullwing doors, a supercar trope that’s still pretty much in use today in modern Lamborghinis, McLarens, Huayras, and even electric crossovers.

After a little confusion and trouble starting the 60-year old classic, Matt and Dieter set off and we are immediately treated to unsullied sounds, scenery and driving impressions of one of Mercedes’ most iconic cars ever produced. Hit the play button and check it out below!

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