Matt Farah Tests A `91 NSX By Clarion Builds On Road And On The Circuit

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On the inaugural episode of a Tuned Tuner Car shootout, The Smoking Tire’s ...

On the inaugural episode of a Tuned Tuner Car shootout, The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah tests the streetability of the vehicles while Grand Am Rolex GT champ Leh Keen puts them through their paces on the track to make it as comprehensive the shootout as possible.

The five tuned vehicles range in value from $30,000 up to $300,000 and they are ranked on style, value, driveability and lap times.

In the video below, the focus is on the grandaddy of the lot, the 230,000 mile 1991 Acura NSX built by the Clarion Builds. There were only two rules for the vehicles chosen.

Firstly they had to be fully street legal, insured and registered for road use, secondly they had to be fitted with the set of DOT-approved road legal tires.

The NSX stood the good chance thanks to the supercharger conversion giving it over 400 hp, and with only a few suspension add-ons like CT sway bars and the Okuyama Carbing rear shock tower brace, the fact that it was placed third in a track shootout shows exactly how well-engineered the NSX was to start with.

Matt Farah’s road test was good as usual, we just love how these guys don’t edit out any problems that may have popped up during the drive. Good going, especially from the audio company.

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