Matt Pappa Shows You How To Drift A Low Power 40 Year Old Hoopty

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Drifting is the subject on which we have written numerous times and for various ...

Drifting is the subject on which we have written numerous times and for various reasons! And it is simply one of the big things for every Gearhead, who wants to show off his driving skills and power of his vehicle! But just as we have said before, even if you are a good driver, it does not mean that you will know how to drift by a default! But rather just like all the other skills in life, it takes the lot of practice in order to be able to shred the tires of your ride and create clouds of white smoke. There is the first step for everyone! In a case you can find yourself in this group of people, THE passionate Gearheads with very little or practically no real experience in drifting, the video below that we have prepared in today`s article would be a very good thing for you! Because we all need to know whether it is more power we need, and just how much you should oversteer the ride, what kind of a car you should choose as the beginner, and a few other things. The guys in this video are demonstrating a good basic drifting technique, using an old BMW on an open parking lot, explaining some of the primal things the beginner need to know!

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