Max Verstappen Passes 9 Cars In One Lap In Masterful China Race

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The second round of the 2017 F1 championship happened this weekend with the ...

The second round of the 2017 F1 championship happened this weekend with the Chinese Grand Prix, with a victory going to three-time champion Lewis Hamilton. Despite the frontrunner’s performance, well, it was 19-year-old Max Verstappen’s drive that stole a show.

Thanks to the engine issue that left him down on power during qualifying, Max Verstappen had to start 16th in the grid, well behind any of the other competitive Ferrari, Red Bull, or Mercedes cars.

But thanks to the impeccable start and some extremely precise braking, Max Verstappen was able to zig-zag past no fewer than nine other vehicles during the very first lap. The Red Bull driver makes it look easy as he tip-toes right on a limit in some of the faster bends. When he overtook the Williams, he can be glad that the Williams didn’t turn in the corner.

The first lap isn’t where Max Verstappen’s performance ended, either. He went on to ascend four more position, and finishing in third place by the end of the race. Everyone: You can’t overtake in these new cars. Max: Hold my beer

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