May Bulldozes A Beach As Clarkson And Hammond Drop A Car In The Sea

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With only three episodes now remaining,  the first season of The Grand Tour is ...

With only three episodes now remaining,  the first season of The Grand Tour is drawing to the close. It doesn’t feel like that long ago we were eagerly anticipating a return of Clarkson and co to our screens, yet the year-long wait was agonizing for Top Gear fans.

Has it been worth the wait? Viewers are divided: and while some love the more car-centric episodes with informative reviews of the latest supercars, and others watch it purely for the comedy, which has been quite cringe-worthy at times.

The trailer that just dropped for episode ten looks like it’ll appeal more to the latter crowd. Despite the tent being set in Nashville, and this week’s feature film sees the team head to Barbados, in one of many exotic locations we have seen over the series to justify the astronomical budget funding the show.

It’s the shame the tent location never matches the filming locations – it would have been interesting to see films explore the vehicle culture of each location.

According to the official description, the team will be attempting to save the world’s coral reefs. Well, how do they do this? By using car body shells as the foundation, of course.

It is supposed to be the car show, you know. Their efforts start badly and then get worse, and involving inept crane driving, useless boat steering, and the embarrassing moment with the local hotel, the official description reads.

But wait, this episode will have the morsel of car content with Jeremy thrashing the new 500 hp Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

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