McLaren 570S Really Comes To Life When You Push It Over The Limit

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There are distinct differences between normal vehicles and supercars, obviously. ...

There are distinct differences between normal vehicles and supercars, obviously. Some differences are readily apparent, such as those concerned with the price and performance.

But other differences are only found while pushing on the wall of what the machine is capable of. Cars like the Camry have traction control buttons hidden away somewhere in a dash because who would bother to deactivate the traction control in such the vehicle?

Breaking the limit means taking the car further than it was designed to go. Not so in the McLaren 570S. Sure, some of the premium you pay for the supercar goes towards the badge, and the other part is dumped into the salaries of people like the Chris Goodwin, chief tester at McLaren.

And it’s guys like him who have the hard job of wasting one set of tires after another in the endless pursuit to fine tune the steering, throttle, the suspension, and chassis so that when the McLaren 570S falls outside of its limit, it still preforms marvelously.

We are talking driver’s car of the year marvelously. Don’t take it from us, listen to Goodwin and as he describes the various levels of engagement that the McLaren 570S has. He even goes as far as saying that the McLaren 570S unlocks itself more the harder it’s pushed.

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