The McLaren P1 Has An Interesting Open Differential?

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Only 375 examples of the McLaren P1 were ever produced, all costing north of the ...

Only 375 examples of the McLaren P1 were ever produced, all costing north of the million dollars. For that money, owners got a 903-hp hypercar capable of doing the quarter mile in 10 seconds flat.

With little attention paid to keeping a price down, engineers went all out, building the body out of carbon fiber, integrating the plug-in hybrid drivetrain, and even using an open differential.

Wait, what? A million-dollar hypercar does’t use the limited-slip differential? As Engineering Explained’s Jason Fenske points out, despite having the open diff, the rear-drive McLaren is still able to put all that power down efficiently.

But while he has the great explanation of how that works, he can’t exactly explain why such an expensive car uses the system typically reserved for cheaper performance vehicles.

It’s possible that McLaren believes letting the computer control things leads to faster lap times or better cornering, Fenske conjectures.

After all, the downsides of the LSD are typically cost and complexity, not driving dynamics. And the P1 is plenty complicated already.

Whatever the reason, McLaren’s engineers knew what they were doing when they opted for this design in the McLaren P1. It may not have the traditional limited-slip, but it’s got plenty of power and speed.

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