Meet EVE, NIO’s Vision Of Its 2020 Autonomous Electric Car

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In the future where our cars will be more than just means of transportation, the ...

In the future where our cars will be more than just means of transportation, the Nio Eve concept previews the world where getting from A to B will feel more personal than ever before.

And regardless of trip length, the Eve constantly learns about its occupants as well and as their preferences. This is because as opposed to current vehicles, the Eve is more of a digital companion, the sort of Siri/Cortana on wheels if you will.

In order to achieve this, Nio created NOMI, the artificial intelligence engine with the so-called intuitive human interface, capable of providing passengers with verbal and visual connections.

Furthermore, NOMI will use the car’s active glass in order to provide augmented reality graphics for occupants, and allowing for all types of entertainment inside the car.

The company, formerly known as NextEV, and also stated that they will have autonomous electric vehicles in the U.S. market by the year 2020, with the Eve representing a first step towards achieving that goal.

We are excited about having autonomous electric vehicles for U.S. consumers in 2020, stated US CEO, Padmasree Warrior. Today we also unveiled our vision for the vehicle of the future, focused on delivering unmatched user experience through leading edge, and software defined hardware.

Our vehicles will be your companion and will know your needs, they will be the welcoming living space that moves you. We look forward to producing the first of the next generation of vehicles for the U.S. consumer. We know you’ll be delighted by NIO.

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