Meet The Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban, A Tyre That Can Repair Punctures And Change Tread Shape Itself!

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Just as we look toward a future with automaker-produced concept vehicles, the tire ...

Just as we look toward a future with automaker-produced concept vehicles, the tire manufacturers are also envisioning the world of tomorrow.

Be it the future filled with death-race machines or airless tires, a future is looking…interesting. Goodyear has the new vision of the future, and it involves the tire that’s quite a bit more round than the ones we are used to right now.

This is the Eagle 360 Urban, and it’s the concept tire that is capable of amazing things. The tire is the complete sphere and it is backed by its own Artificial Intelligence.

That AI will determine all sorts of behaviors for a tire, which is wrapped in the bionic skin that adapts to the weather and even to minor damage.

If it starts raining, the outside of the tire will take on the dimpled pattern to improve grip. Should a tire experience some minor damage, it can adjust a contact patch currently in use so the damaged part is no longer touching a road.

This will allow for the skin to utilize it is self-healing properties. Goodyear says the tire would have the 3-D-printed skin with the flexibility of human skin, allowing it to expand and contract. Watch the video below to have your mind blown by Goodyear.

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