Meet The Hi-Fi Specialists Dedicated To Bringing True Sound To Volvo Cars

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When it comes to the premium vehicles, being able to offer customers the truly ...

When it comes to the premium vehicles, being able to offer customers the truly outstanding audio system can add to the overall experience inside the vehicle in the very positive manner.

We could argue that the good sound system is important in just about any vehicle, and when way say good we mean quality-wise, not just how loud it can get inside a cabin.

Volvo have known this for the while now. In fact, some of you might even remember those mighty impressive Dynaudio premium sound systems and in certain mid to late 2000’s Volvo models.

Fast forward to the present, and we have the collaboration between the Swedish automaker and Bowers And Wilkins for Volvo’s flagship 90 series models. Volvo say that the lot of time and patience went into tuning, positioning the 19 premium speakers that you will find integrated into a 90 series model.

While there are 19 speakers in total, one in particular stands out, the Tweeter-on-Top. It is strategically centered on the dashboard, pointing towards a cabin rather than upwards towards the windscreen.

This helps cut down on the acoustic reflection from a windscreen, removing almost all interferences – in turn, this ensures the superior level of sound, especially with regards to reproducing vocals.

Aside from the Tweeter-on-Top new 90 series sound system also features Bowers And Wilkins Kevlar speaker cones. They are actually made from the same material used in body armor, have unique break-up characteristics that help prevent distortion and improve off-axis performance.

Finally, also contributing to the excellent sound of this B&W system is a high-quality stainless steel speaker mesh. Aside from its…stylish properties, the fact that they are made from stainless steel helps further reduce vibrations and interference.

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