Meet Mental Breakdown, A 1700HP Volkswagen Bus Dragster!!!

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It could not have been named any better. You gotta have a serious “Mental ...

It could not have been named any better. You gotta have a serious “Mental Breakdown” to shove a 1700 horsepower engine into a Volkswagen bus, but that’s precisely what you are looking at!

Mental Breakdown was built by Wayne Allman from the Intergalactic Custom Shop. He based it on a 1965 VW Campervan and powered it with a Keith Black 8.4-liter supercharged Hemi V8 running on methanol. It’s a knuckle-dragger that sounds like it came from the pro mod ranks and later packed into the rear of the Volkswagen bus.

This V-Dub looks like it has been stretched a bit and given a huge top fuel style wing to keep the slicks stuck when all the oomph from the engine is applied on the big end. It is likely heavy and has mediocre aerodynamics, but it still manages to put in a superb run of 7.6 at 182.8 miles per hour at the Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire, England.

Hit that play button and watch this Volksie bus blitzing the quarter mile!

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