Meet SHAMU the SLEEPER – A Supercharged Harley-Davidson F-150!

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For this video YouTuber David Patterson hops in Shamu – a supercharged Ford ...

For this video YouTuber David Patterson hops in Shamu – a supercharged Ford Harley-Davidson F-150, which is by far one of the auto world’s most overlooked trucks ever produced.

The supercharged F-150 has traditionally been a Ford Lightning. It is basically a 4-door version of the Lightning with minor differences. The Lightning was more oriented as the Blue Oval’s performance truck while the Harley was just kinda celebration of the American motorcycle manufacturer’s 100 year anniversary. The folks at Ford certainly wanted to make that clear by throwing in a swarm of Harley-Davidson logos – on the wheels, on the fenders, on the seats, on the center console, and even in the pin stripes!

Shamu is powered by a single overhead cam 5.4-liter that makes a lot of nice noises. The root-style supercharger (a.k.a. twin screw) delivers instantaneous power. The builders lowered the truck and shoved in 22-inch chrome wheels, which are perfectly complemented by the awesome two-tone paint job, the massive chrome grille and the chrome side steppers.

Overall, Shamu is an awesome truck, a fun ride, and it’s a bit sketchy and cheesy in a fun way. It’s something really unique ‘coz you don’t see trucks like Shamu nowadays. Watch the video below for David’s in-depth review of this amazing ride. Enjoy!

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