Midnight Led Trike Ride In Tokyo! Don’t Miss This Fantastic Light SHOW!

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Literally, nothing that comes from the Japan can surprise us, nothing. Through the ...

Literally, nothing that comes from the Japan can surprise us, nothing. Through the years they were surprising us with the insane timeless mighty machines like the Toyota Supra, Mazda MX5, Nissan Skyline and many more pumped in the engines and reaching massive thousands of horse power.

Also the GT-R Nismo will make you doubt the laws of physics, insane isn’t it? Knowing that drifting as the sport has its origins from Japan, we must admit that’s also an insane Japanese product. Everything that comes from this country has the relation with the word insane.

Last time what take our breath away was the midnight Lamborghini, yeah, wrapped in LED lights with stunning look.
Now it seems like the Japanese guys jumped on the bikes, not the usual bikes, but trikes.

These ones are beautiful machines so elegant and pleasant for the night ride. And what’s the insane here, you have might ask yourself? And our answer is, exactly these lunar trikes, with the LED lights on each pat of the trike making it to look like the light show or to be more specific, like night club on three wheels.

So, ladies and gentleman welcome to Japan, the land of miracles on wheels. Watch the video below and enjoy the night ride, we are sure that you’ll want to buy one of these.

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