Model X Does Off-Roading With A Trailer Full Of Firewood

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No one actually considers the Tesla Model X a proper off-road car. Sure, it’s a ...

No one actually considers the Tesla Model X a proper off-road car. Sure, it’s a crossover with higher ground clearance compared to the Tesla Model S, but don’t think for a minute it’ll do the same things the Mercedes GLE could. It’s heavy, large and has seven seats. However, it can do some light things off the road.

Watch, for example, this video of a Tesla Model X owner, who took the car from its comfort zone and drove it through grass, mud and other. He even towed a trailer full of firewood behind.

Obviously, this video does not come from America, but from Europe. License plates on the car are from Austria meaning this may have been filmed there too.

What is especially interesting is the fact the Model X rides on 19-inch wheels with massive tires, so it does not have a grip it’d need for some serious off-roading. And you can see it on the video as the car struggles to stay in one place as the tires cannot stop it easily.

Nevertheless, the Tesla Model X will definitely do all the normal off-road stuff just like much other “normal” modern SUVs. And it’ll tow stuff. Tesla Inc. reports it has a tow rating of 5,000 pounds when equipped with smaller wheels (19-inch and 20-inch wheels included). You are looking at 3,500 lbs tow rating when the Model X comes with massive 22-inch wheels.

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