Model X With Trailer! Finally Someone Taking This Beast To Its Purpose!

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Looking to prove the versatility of his zero-emission crossover, the Tesla Model X ...

Looking to prove the versatility of his zero-emission crossover, the Tesla Model X owner took it out of its comfort zone.

Equipped with regular winter tires that wrap around the set of 19-inch rims, the car was filmed traveling through grass, tackling small and mud-covered slopes, having small branches touching its body from time to time.

Despite its drag strip capabilities, a Tesla Model X turned out to feel right at home in the woods too, since taking it off-road wasn’t the owner’s main goal, the electric SUV had the small trailer strapped behind it, which was eventually packed with firewood.

Given the European license plates that start with a letter A, there’s the good chance that the video below was shot somewhere in Austria.

If this footage has convinced you to go ahead and purchase a Model X, but range is still the concern, don’t worry about it, as Elon Musk’s small army has rolled out an improved model.

Dubbed the 100D, it is capable of traveling for 295 miles (474 km) between charges, will do so while being capable of hitting 60 mph (96 km/h) in just 4.2 seconds. Finally, someone taking this beast to its purpose!

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