Monster Truck Runs Over And Crushes A Classic Mercedes Benz

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Can an old school Mercedes Benz survive being ran over and crushed by a 4-ton ...

Can an old school Mercedes Benz survive being ran over and crushed by a 4-ton monster truck? That’s one intriguing question for Merc owners and it’s exactly the thing this video below is trying to answer. This Fifth Gear video series puts German engineering to the test and something every Mercedes fan would love to find out.

If you’ve owned an old Merc before, then you most likely have an idea about its durable construction. Well, in fact the Merc below got some preliminary tests by ravaging the suspension and drowning the engine. Did it kill the Merc? No, it didn’t! Now comes a more intense killing and that’s by letting a monster truck run over it. With around 4 tons of weight and wheels tallying a half of that, a monster truck can probably crush any ride having anything but rigid construction. More than just the weight it’s the power. The truck has an 8.2L supercharged engine and 1250 HP to the wheels.

This might be a bit hurtful to watch for some car guys, but it’s crush time! The Merc sure was wrecked yet wasn’t deformed very much. But the big question was did it actually kill the Merc? Check it out through the video below 😉

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