How Monstrous this Gigantic Marauder Is? Check Out What Will Happen If This Powerful Vehicle Hits The Road

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A Marauder is generally an offroad vehicle that is designed to withstand all kind ...

A Marauder is generally an offroad vehicle that is designed to withstand all kind of terrain condition but little did we know, it is more powerful that we ever imagine and these gigantic vehicle is simply beyond expectations. Here comes another great episode from Top Gear and probably one of their most expensive one. They got the gigantic Marauder which is originally and merely used as a military car. It is a strong truck that can carry ten soldiers in a mission. It is designed to travel challenging terrains and also to withstand explosive and even projectiles. In this episode, Richard Hammond takes a ride to the monstrous Marauder and hit off the road like a normal vehicle but there were several challenges arrived. First, he can’t just park the car somewhere and the police truck started towing it but Richard decided to escape by pulling his Marauder back as if the two trucks are playing the tug of war. The Marauder is undeniably powerful and it managed to win over the police truck. The truck even smashes two cars along its way. What makes it even more impressive when they try to put a bomb underneath and detonate it but Marauder only get a minor damage and still working!

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