This Is The Mother Of All Close Calls!

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If you drive frequently, there’s the good chance yo will see at least one ...

If you drive frequently, there’s the good chance yo will see at least one crazy driving maneuver by the fellow motorist every other day, if not everyday. However, it is not often you see dangerous driving quite this stupid.

Filmed on the Scottish road last week, the terrifying scene shows the blue Skoda Octavia vRS overtaking the truck at high speed, coming within inches of crashing head-on into the oncoming Honda Accord.

The driver of this truck claims that alongside passing himself in the terrifying stunt, the blue Skoda Octavia vRS driver also overtook a van and the Audi A3.

In order to avoid any contact, the Accord driver was forced to pull to a left side of the road as the Skoda Octavia leisurely pulls back into its own lane. It even passes the Honda while still on the wrong side of the road.

Luckily, no one was injured in the near-crash and hopefully, the Skoda Octavia driver will learn his lesson from the lucky escape.

I was hoping for just a teeny tiny second that the overtaker would fly off the highway and tumble down the hill so I could see Darwin in ACTION!

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