Motorcycle Burnout On Ice..Is That Even Possible?

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Human’s imagination is limitless, wise man once said. He was absolutely, ...

Human’s imagination is limitless, wise man once said. He was absolutely, 100% right! This goes both in positive and negative direction, and we are here to keep the positive vibes.

In our opinion, the video below will be found particularly interesting by the bikers. Simply because it features the bike. Although we are not implying that others should not take the look, far from that.

Anyway, here is the question: have you ever tried to ride your bike on the frozen surface? If you have, we would be very glad to hear that from you! Why do we ask? Because, this guy in the footage below does exactly that!

You might think he will just fly by, but no. And he does completely the opposite! He presses the brake and revs the engine up! In other words, he is burning the tires while on the ice!

Or should we say, he is burning the ice beneath the tires! You decide! Either way, a result is apparent. A deep, long line cut in the ice.

On the other hand, this performance shows the amazing bike skills of the biker and excellent bike control! It is not easy to tame such power on ice, isn’t it? We even have the proof for that. Watch the video below!

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