Motorcyclist Captures The Moment Of A Crash With The Van

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Walking away with only a scratch after hitting the van with your bike is what we ...

Walking away with only a scratch after hitting the van with your bike is what we would call extremely lucky. As you well know, the motorcycle accidents are very dangerous, even if the rider is wearing full-body protective gear. As for the bike itself, hitting another car directly will usually result in severe damage. The bike in question here is a Kawasaki ZX-14R, a direct rival to the Suzuki GSX-1300R ‘Hayabusa, which means you will normally find them packing around 200 HP. Fortunately, this accident didn’t happen at high speed. In fact, this rider was simply cruising around town when the white van pulled out in front of him, presumably saw him and hit the brakes. Unluckily, it all happened too quickly and this rider didn’t have much time to react. According to the owner of the motorcycle, the ZX-14R is the write off, which means he’ll be needing the new ride since there’s no repairing this one.

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