Motorcyclist Ends Up Sitting On Trunk Of Moving Car It Crashed Into

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There are all kinds of drivers on the road, you have to always be alert. However, ...

There are all kinds of drivers on the road, you have to always be alert. However, some people really don’t care about their safety and enjoy driving fast, and no matter how dangerous that might be!

Today, we’re sharing a video of the bizzare accident that took place on Interstate 5, near Tumwater, Washington. It features the crazy car driver and a motorcyclist.

According to witnesses, this car driver was drunk and had been driving erratically. Because of this, this motorcyclist wanted to capture the picture of the car’s license plate.

He was speeding as well, and tried to get as close to the car as possible, but it didn’t end well. Both of the vehicles were speeding, with this car being in front and motorcyclist being right behind it.

When this car had to stop due to the heavy traffic in front, this motorcyclist had no time to react and slammed into the back of the car!

Furthermore, this motorcyclist got onto the trunk of the car and was carried on the trunk for some time!

He wanted to do the heroic deed by filming the license plate of the drunk driver, and ended up ramming his bike and probably injuring himself! Watch this video below to see the bizzare accident! Stay safe people!

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That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!