Motorist Trys To Reverse Car Off A Truck To Stop It Being Impounded

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The guy in the video below should have just accepted the fact that his vehicle was ...

The guy in the video below should have just accepted the fact that his vehicle was being towed and moved on with his life.

Yes, paying to free it from impound lot would have sucked and it’s likely he’s in the hole for a lot more after his escape attempt went awry. Well, said escape attempt didn’t have the lot of thought put into it. The plan seems to have consisted of drive the vehicle off the truck and hope for the best. And of course that’s not how things went down at all.

Instead of orchestrating the epic escape all the guy behind the wheel did is damage his vehicle and the truck towing it. It doesn’t seem like it, and things could have been much worse had this guy’s plan actually worked out as he thought it would.

The drop from a flat-bed truck to the ground is the good couple of feet. Did the owner of this vehicle think that his ride wouldn’t suffer damage from the drop?

In addition to wrecking his car there’s a good chance that he would have been injured as well. And if anything he should be grateful that the outcome of this stunt and only led to him becoming one of the Internet’s biggest idiots.

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