Motorists Narrowly Escape Crash With Parked Car In Middle Of Road

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The day could have ended very badly for the rider, the driver of the Ariel Atom ...

The day could have ended very badly for the rider, the driver of the Ariel Atom and the driver of the third car, but this time, all three have been incredibly lucky.

The video below you are about to see after the jump might be the bit too intense for some and can cause arguments with your folks if family sees it, and frankly, this is what happens on the street almost every day.

Some riders would speed, and while other motorists would fail to understand how dangerous some of their actions are for the rest of the road users.

It is hard to determine to what degree these three fellows are responsible for incredibly close shave depicted below, but frankly, we are thrilled to see all of them living to tell a story.

For starters, we have to admit that both the rider and the Atom driver were the bit too playful. That is they were the bit too fast for the road layout.

It may, of course be that they knew a road and felt somewhat safe with a low traffic. However, dismissing any obstacles which might appear on such the road was definitely not the smartest choice, and the video below serves as proof for the claim.

On the other hand, the car stopped just after the blind turn is almost like the landmine in the middle of the road, the tragedy waiting to happen.

Excepting the (real) possibility that the car’s transmission had seized up completely seconds before the bike arrives, thus making the vehicle impossible to move, the driver is a moron.

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