How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Rent A Replica Lamborghini?

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Believe it or not, there are folks who specialize in building replica ...

Believe it or not, there are folks who specialize in building replica Lamborghinis. There are replica Aventadors, Diablos, and even Huracans and Venenos! How cool is that?!? For a fraction of the price of the real deal, you can actually drive away in your dream car.

In this video, someone called Rob Ferretti, the co-founder of Gotham Dream Cars, the nation’s most exclusive exotic car rental company. Apparently, the guy is trying to sell Rob a replica Lamborghini Aventador Roadster to add to his rental fleet. The car actually looks the part – a $400,000 ride – and it fits the bill if you wish to cruise around looking like it’s a Lamborghini.

It’s based on a Chevrolet platform and powered by an LS14 engine. If you’re interested in renting it out, contact Danaro Limousine of Carlstadt, NJ, and be prepared to shell out¬†$1000 for 3 hours. There are two copies of the car and the owner is looking to sell for $55,000 each.

The million-dollar question here is how much would you be willing to pay to rent the replica Lambo? Keep in mind that it costs $2,500 a day to rent the real Aventador Roadster, roughly $1,800 for the Huracan Spyder and $1,000 a day for the Gallardo.

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