Must See: 4 Real Cars That Actually FLY!!!

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Airplanes and automobiles were invented almost simultaneously at the onset of the ...

Airplanes and automobiles were invented almost simultaneously at the onset of the 20th century and since then the talk about building flying cars started almost immediately. The concept may seem relatively simple at the time, but each attempt ended in disaster. Still, the dream of creating a flying car remained unshakable.

A few decades later, flying cars finally arrived and the video below provides four excellent examples. First is the Pal V One, a car and gyro-plane hybrid. It’s like a sleek sports car on the road but it can switch to airplane mode in a matter of seconds. Its design and brilliant engineering is arguably the best example of what’s coming to a driveway near you!

Next is the Terrafugia Transition, a street-legal airplane made for pilots. The mechanical wings can fold or unfold automatically, allowing the Transition to easily fit in any garage or standard parking space. It conveniently runs and flies using premium unleaded gasoline, eliminating the need for expensive jet fuel.

Third on the list is the Maverick LSA, an inexpensive but tough off-road vehicle equipped with a motorized parachute wing. So when the road gets too rough and bumpy, just deploy the wing, start the propeller and simply sail over it! Even better, a pilot’s license is not required!

Finally, there’s the Automobile 3.0 – a flying car that looks like a miniature space shuttle from some top secret government project. It can land in any airport and in any few hundred meters of flat grass or paved surface. When the automatic wings retract, it becomes one of the sleekest street-legal cars on the planet.

Watch the video for an in depth look and additional specs on what could be your next ride! Enjoy!

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