Mustang Drifts Its Way To Finish And Gives Wall A Kiss!

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The driver lost his cool in this insane drag race below with his Mustang losing ...

The driver lost his cool in this insane drag race below with his Mustang losing control and drifting as it nears the finish. The Mustang tried to keep a distance from the wall but it seems just so attracted to it that the drift ended with a kiss to the wall.

Two things though, its either the driver was newbie or the Mustang is just shitty. A Mustang non-hater would say a car is as good as who drives it – well pretty spot on! But then comes the fact that this drag race was done in just mere parking lot space. Who in the right mind would take their powerful machine for a 1/8 mile drag race in a regular asphalt ‘dragstrip’ with a building at the end? Well these dudes might be just into some ballsy things I guess. The amount of near misses and wrecks in drag races with this setting is overwhelming though and is clearly a good indication that a race in such conditions is something to ponder about. Unless you’ve got insane control and is well-experienced in no-prep racing, ideas like this is just a complete waste of money, time and effort.

All is well for the Mustang and the driver and the kiss to the wall was simply a minor tap. Check everything out for yourself with the video shared below.

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