Mustang Loses Control On A Drag Race But The Driver Saves It Somehow

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Drag racing should be straightforward. Not only literally. It is really simple in ...

Drag racing should be straightforward. Not only literally. It is really simple in some sense – pull up on a huge straight, put the thing in Drive and slam the accelerator pedal. However, drivers usually connect with their cars in such a way that they find sweet spots where everything works perfectly and thus the cars go even faster. There is a trick. If the driver does not push all the right buttons in these moments, consequences can be huge. In other words, a crash could be almost inevitable.

Watch ,this awesome drag racing fight with the Shelby GT500 SVT making its name in Germany. It is a fast car with its 720hp V8. So fast in fact, that it shattered the other Shelby Mustang and even a Porsche before getting on the line with a Ford Focus ST. Really? An ST has enough balls to fight against American muscle? We presume this thing is tuned to the teeth. Obviously, that is why the Shelby GT500 SVT driver went all in trying to match the speed of the ST. Unfortunately, not everything panned out well for the Shelby. The car slipped a bit in the first gear, but when second gear was selected, the rear tires slipped, even more, steering the car to the side. Luckily, the driver was fast and saved the ST and the Shelby.

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