Mustang Puts on a Show, Rips Off Triple Wheelie At Racing Series

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Setting up a drag car typically means keeping the nose down, generating lots of ...

Setting up a drag car typically means keeping the nose down, generating lots of traction, and eventually blasting its way down the track in the most efficient pass possible. However, such ideal setting seems far-fetched for majority of drag racers who are bent on getting their rides dialed in while relentlessly trying to make them go faster!

In this footage, we take a look at a scene from the Dirty South No Prep in San Antonio. It features a racer who made a not so impressive pass, but the result end up looking cool as his Mustang nearly took off and the front end went airborne several times!

Instead of gripping the pavement and blitzing down the track, the front end of the Mustang lifted off the ground not once or twice, but three times and the driver managed to stay in control but just couldn’t keep the nose down to complete a decent pass.

Click on the play button below and get a front row seat to the action as the turbo spools up on this ‘Stang and makes some nasty notes as it hustles its way down the track. It seems that the crew may need to do some tweaks on the car but it’s certainly a show stopper!

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