Mustang—Wait, Sorry, A Viper—Crashes At Cars And Coffee

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Attending just a few car meets is enough to understand that a potential for ...

Attending just a few car meets is enough to understand that a potential for attention-grabbing events doesn’t necessarily peak during the gathering itself, but rather during the phase that sees drivers leaving the meet.

The latest example of this comes from Knoxville, Tennessee, where a Cars and Coffee meet saw a Viper going for the vegetation-devouring moment.

Just as the venomous V10 monster was leaving the event, this owner went through the usual let’s-abuse-the-throttle routine. With the second generation of Dodge’s supercar missing any form of traction or stability control, this guy lost the rear end almost instantly.

At first, the Viper was heading straight for the crowd, but, luckily, the driver countersteered and managed to avoid the faith of so many unfortunate Ford Mustang guys.

Alas, the Dodge went spinning the other way, hitting the group of small trees sitting on the divider. Come to think of it, the trees deserve a medal for sacrificing themselves to stop the Dodge Viper from potentially hitting traffic on the other side of the road.

The footage of this crash came to our attention via Reddit, which is also where we found a more or less popular description of the car nut who reportedly witnessed this accident.

‘So saw this happen, and was talking with friends about how we were surprised no one had shown their a** yet and crashed, and then saw the group of Vipers leaving and thought this is it: fireworks. Sure enough third in line decides to kiss the tree. His ego was as badly bruised as the vehicle!’ a Redditor said.

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